Ikon – I never wanted you

What is there to say about Ikon that is not said yet? This gothic band has been around for a long time and made several good records. They always succeed in writing some wonderful melancholy and catchy songs. Of course on this single they have done that again.

The title track is from the most recent EP Psychic Vampire. It is a poppy melancholy guitar track in a slightly different version as on the EP. Just as nice is ‘Evil Ways’ which reminds me a bit of Placebo. ‘Come Before Christ And Murder Love’ is a Death in June cover. This tranquil song is really nice, but just not as good as the other DIJ cover the band did: ‘Fall Apart’.

It is too bad that the last track on this single is a club remix of ‘Psychic Vampire’. The modern beats and trance-like influences spoil the mood of the single. So, my advice is to skip this track while listening to this otherwise fine single.

artist: Ikon
label: Nile Records
details: 5 tracks [NIL014]