Ikon – Psychic Vampire

There is no other gothic rock band that sounds so addictive as Ikon. This is due to their catchy guitar riffs, the nice melancholy vocals but above all because they write very good songs.

All the records this Australian band has made or more or less comparable, but all are solid and enjoyable, for the above mentioned reasons.
Psychic Vampire is not different from that. The eight new tracks are again of the highest quality with ‘Psychic Vampire’, ‘I Never Wanted You’ and ‘The Garden Of The Lost’ as highlights.
On the single is a live version of the Joy Division cover ‘Ceremony’, which is a tribute to this band, which influenced Ikon a lot.

This new record is recommended to both fans of (old) gothic bands as The Sisters Of Mercy and Joy Division as people who like the sounds of a band like Placebo. Ikon is a without a doubt the best gothic rock band around!

artist: Ikon
label: Nile Records
details: cd / cd single, 8/6 tracks [NIL013A/NIL013B]