Ilar, Anders – Everdom

Wow, I have probably just discovered my favourite release of 2003. I will tell you about it right now?

I have been following the releases of Berlin?s Shitkatapult label for some time now, and although I do not like every release, they have managed to impress me time and time again. Shitkatapult has released excellent 12?es and CD?s by acts like Apparat, T. Raumschmiere, Fenin, Rechenzentrum and many more. Their releases are characterised by a very fresh look on technoid music, which is probably largely influenced by the dub-techno and electronica scenes around Mille Plateaux, Basic Channel/Chain Reaction and Kompakt, but the label has it?s own unique approach.

This new release by Anders Ilar, whom I?ve never heard of before, completely blew me away. Everdom is released on both CD (7 tracks) and on 12? (featuring 4 tracks of the CD). The music on Everdom is the most beautiful and dreamy ambient-techno I?ve ever heard. Long, floating drones, that remind me of Biosphere?s cold arctic sound and even sometimes of Troum?s emotional and warm guitar drones, are accompanied by very dry and on-going minimal techno beats, sometimes there are adventurous clicks and noises. Together these drones, beats and sounds form a very deep and entrancing dream-atmosphere from which I would never like to wake up. The CD version contains three more ambient tracks.

This release comes highly recommended to all dreamers and space-heads out there, keep dreaming!

artist: Ilar, Anders
label: Shitkatapult
details: cd/ep [strike37]