Ilios – Vento Elektra

This is already the 10th release by Ilios, but it is the first I heard of this project so far. Apparently Ilios is closely connected to the Antifrost label (who also released works by Daniel Menche, Francisco Lopez, and others) for most of his works seem to be released on this label.

Vento Elektra was entirely created using electricity and electric signals as a sound source. This resulted in a static and slowly developing soundscape of very bleak drones and some occasional rumbling. This might sound a bit over-simplified, and perhaps it is, but the work is really minimal. This minimalism is nevertheless very effective. The CD might not be very impressive like the huge noise-scapes of Daniel Menche, but it offers a very distanced and cold soundtrack that reminds me of standing beneath some high-voltage powerlines, or walking around in a powerplant.

This is certainly not music for people who do not have a lot of patience, and I doubt that a lot of people will call this music at all. Nevertheless it is certainly very interesting material for people who like ?sound? and are interested in sonic experiments, strange atmospheres and the aesthetics of sound design.

artist: Ilios
label: Antifrost
details: October 2004 [afro 2027]