Ilsa Gold – Regretten? Rien!

To get in the mood for this cd, repeat after me: “Eggs they say” and keep repeating those three words very fast. The result should be a Ilsa Gold song. On this 2 cd set Mego released an overview of the works of Ilsa Gold, Austria’s legendary contribution and reaction to the rave scene, and kings of scheiss house.

In 1993 Ilsa Gold started out on the Mainframe label with Ilsa Gold 1, putting them right into the top of the dance charts of that moment. When other artists started to use the Ilsa Gold formula to contruct their own hits, Ilsa Gold’s music started to be one big parody of the rave scene, and also of their own music. Not that it mattered, people liked it anyway. Not strange, as long as a track is fast and loud ravers will like it, and dance to it.

This overview compilation cd is entertaining for sure. Not good, but Ilsa Gold never was good anyway. It features some decent old rave songs, and otherwise loads of strange interludes and breaks to keep the listener entertained. I must admit I coudn’t help smiling while listening to both CD’s. What else can you do if you hear total madness of Ilsa Gold mixed together in the Mego way? One great release with scheiss music.
Regrette? Rien!

artist: Ilsa Gold
label: Mego
details: 2cd [mego 058]