Imiafan – Legy a Falcon

This 12″ is the debut of Imiafan aka Imrich Vegh from Canada, who earlier was present on the two “Melodies & Structures” compilations on his own label 4mg Records. There are 7 tracks on this record, including 5 versions of the title track ‘Legy a falon’. Imiafan creates danceable electronic music with a clear nostalgic retro 80’s touch. Of the various remixes I especially like the Alien Skull Paint version, with a driving bass sound reminiscent of DAF’s ‘Der Mussolini’. There are also two extra tracks: ‘Televizor’, with Kraftwerk-like computer bleeps and a robotic voice. ‘Strawberry dream’ sounds cool too, a bit in the Italo-style of Gigolo Records. Minimal electro music which is not revolutionary, but well done and pleasant to listen to.

artist: Imiafan
label: 4mg Records
details: 12", 7 tracks, 320 copies, 2005 [4Mg Records]