Immaculate:Grotesque – Circles

Noise seems to have become a well established genre of its own lately. As with every musical genre there are artists that more or less created the scene and artists that come afterwards. Artists that create a scene are usually very interesting to listen to, or very ?stimulating? (read: provocative) in one way or the other (otherwise an entire genre would probably not follow). Artist that come after these ?godfathers?, can be divided into two types. There is the artists that refine and perfectionize the genre (some of these can be very good, or even better that the ?godfathers?, although they are obviously less original). There is also artists that can be called copycats. These copycats simply do what their predecessors did, maybe with their own twist, but they add nothing to the genre (they are not better in any way, and not original).

This CD by Immaculate Grotesque consists of 5 tracks of VERY LOUD white noise. This reminds me of the ?Cascading waves of electronic turbulence? CD by Namanax, which was so loud you had to put your stereo on level 1 (max). Besides loud noise this CD does not really offer a lot more. Artists like Merzbow or Masonna have basically established the noise-music scene, and have released such an incredible ammount of records that there has been at least a few brilliant releases. To challenge this (and offer a worthy release) you have to be good, really good (either in originality or in production).

Immaculate Grotesque does not seem to offer something very original, and it certainly is not of better quality than other noise. This means that this CD is superflous in all respects.

artist: Immaculate:Grotesque
label: Truculent Recordings
details: [2cd05]