Imminent (Starvation) – Human relocation

Not entirely a new release that I’m listening to at the moment, but still powerful after almost five years. This was the first release on Hymen. This sublabel was started by Ant-Zen in 1997 to release more technoid sounding industrial, at first only on vinyl. Imminent Starvation, nowadays simply called Imminent, is perhaps my favourite act in the rhythmic industrial field. This project of Oliver Moreau from Belgium combines irrestible rhythms with great atmospheres. Especially their album “Human Dislocation” is still a classic, with a mixture of subtle noise, gradually build-up tension and energy and atmospheric ambient pieces. Although highly danceable at times, it is never simple fast-forward beat-driven music.

This piece of vinyl, ‘Human relocation”, contains 2 tracks of the aforementioned album and four remixed versions. The stress is more on the energetic, rhythmic aspect here. The sound is more distorted, more dense, noisier…I find the music on this LP harder to concentrate on than the music on the Human Dislocation cd. But it is very suited to play in clubs. Especially the hard assaults of Relocation II and ‘Lost Highway 72’ force you to the dancefloor.

artist: Imminent (Starvation)
label: Hymen
details: mlp, 6 tracks. released in 1997