Implant – Fading Away

The Belgian act Implant is one of those acts that is hard to define if you want to put them into a niche like EBM, electroclash, electro, industrial or any of those. Implant just is Implant and brings a lot of varied music. Before releasing their seventh album, the crowd is pleased with this EP that with 12 tracks can hardly be called an EP anymore. The only reason to give it this name I guess, is that many of the tracks are remixes and there are only a few truly new songs.

Then again those remixes are by some great names, like Zombie Girl, C-drone Effect and Leatherstrip to name just a few. And again there is the voice of Anne Clark on three of the songs. So a great list of names, an act that though not placeable in a special niche, knows how to merge the styles into an own sound. Curious what comes out of that.

First of all is a somewhat too boring version of the title track. Electroclash, but not truly reaching me. But when Anne Clark comes in on the second track the disc truly takes off, “Your World” is another electroclash song, but this time really reaching out to the listener. And the disc now goes on and on. Special moments enough and constant high quality.

To name a few of those special moments; the Zombie Girl remix of the title track features vocals of Renee Comor and together with the remix with her friend of Icon of Coil fame this makes for a song that is full of tension and beauty, a song to dance to as well as a song to please the ear of the listener.
Claus Larsen does a duet kind of thing with Anne Clark in a song that is very special. A Laetherstrip kind of song, but it fits Implant just as well.
Noisuf-X takes “Your World” into the industrial scene, not harsh, but some industrial background and puts a bit of piano over it, creating a very special kind of song, that is very nice indeed.

That are just a few highlights. Guess this is an album that every Implant fan already owns. Everybody who is not an Implant fan, but likes albums with diverse mostly electronic musical styles, that still are clearly not a compilation should just at least have a listen to this disc. A great gift already, that truly makes us look forward to the full album “Audio Blender” to come.

artist: Implant
label: Alfa Matrix
details: cd, 12 tracks, 2006