In My Rosary – A collection of fading moments

This cd presents the best songs from In my Rosary, taken from their four albums and the mcd “Strange E.P.”. All music was released between 1993 and 1996. It also contains three previously unreleased pieces. In total you get 19 tracks for a friendly price. The band consists of Ralf Jesek, the musical mastermind, and Dirk Lakomy, who is responsible for the lyrics and the artwork. Lakomy has also made two beautiful photography books: Passionsfrucht I & II.

The music of the band sounds very melancholic, creating a nice atmosphere. Most songs are acoustic guitar wave songs, sometimes reminding me of the Australian formation The Church, with the exception of ‘The raging sea’, which is more like an uptempo EBM-track. My only criticism is that no lyrics were printed in the booklet. This compilation is full of beautiful moments, it’s hard to pick a favourite. This deserves a wider audience…

track list:
winter, dust, sleepless, rose of the world, little death, tar, janus inside, pearl in a shell, why we cried, mercy killing, twilight of the gods, sweet murderer, just this, confused by the time (demo-version), into moonlight (1. version), the raging sea (demo-version), flood, black friend (feat. Derrière le Mirroir)

artist: In My Rosary
label: Centre of Desire
details: 19 tracks