In My Rosary – First Exit

At the end of 2001 I read somewehere about this mini album from the German formation In My Rosary. There has not been a lot of publicity about it as far as I know. It is a limited edition of 111 copies, released by a small Finnish label. You can see that ‘First Exit’ is a homemade cdr, but that has its charms. On the back of the cover the question ‘hey, you bought this record? are you over 30?’ is printed. Personally I haven’t reached that milestone yet. But I guess that what In My Rosary tries to say is that they are not influenced by any hypes, but just make good, mature songs. The music on this cd is completely performed by Ralf Jesek, while Dirk Lakomy took care of the artwork and the lyrics. I would have liked it as the lyrics were printed in the booklet.

This album contains 8 solid tracks, which show that the band still knows how to write pleasant songs. They are masters in creating catchy melodies and a somewhat romantic, melancholic atmosphere. The music is somewhere bewteen wave, folk and dark pop. The first song, ‘To end’, is rather guitar based and has slightly distorted vocals. Then follow two romantic, stirring songs, ‘My guardian angel’ and ‘Your shimmering hair’, both beautiful and tasteful. ‘All we have’ really has hit potential, it has an uptempo beat, loud guitars and a catchy melody.

Then it’s time for a sensitive moment with ‘ Poor little love song’, with the pleasant sound of acoustic guitars and the warm voice of Ralf Jesek. Another highlight is ‘Towards Wonderland’, which I already knew from the Lichttaufe 2 compilation. Catchy but subtle, really one of their best songs. The album ends with the live track ‘Why we cried’, recorded at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig in 2001.

After listening to this mini album I had the feeling I wanted more! Luckily I don’t have to wait very long. At the end of April the new cd from In My Rosary will be released, with the title ‘The Shades of Cats’.

artist: In My Rosary
label: Muovi 111 / Plastic Passion
details: cdr / mini album