In Slaughter Natives – Recollection

If you say Cold Meat Industry, then one of the first bands to come to my mind is In Slaughter Natives. Their dark and powerful music belongs to the most popular on the Swedish label and has inspired many bands over the years. Four great albums were made by ISN and they still sound as powerful as when they came out. The first, self-titled album of was recorded back in 1988 and released by Cold Meat on cassette, and later by Staalplaat on cd. Later followed the albums Enter now the world (1991), Sacrosants bleed (1992) and Purgate my stain (1995). From each of these albums two tracks are present on this compilation, that has to function as a taster for the re-release of the complete albums. The albums will be available in a special box entitled ‘Re-enter salvation’, with a bonus cd with 6 unreleased tracks. The albums were re-mastered by Peter Petterson, whose own project Sophia seems to be a good pupil of the powerful bombast of ISN. Of course you can always argue that your personal favourite track has not been included on a compilation, but I think that ‘Recollection’ represents the work of In Slaughter Natives very well. Highlights for me are the classic dark track ‘Death, just only death’ of the debut album, the atmospheric piece ‘Angel meat’ and the ritual darkness of ‘Sacrosancts Bleed’. If you don’t own the work of ISN yet this compilation is a good introduction, but the music is worth to purchase the full albums…

artist: In Slaughter Natives
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: 8 tracks, 40 min.