In Slaughter Natives / Voice of Hate – Split

In Slaughter Natives fans are almost getting spoiled. In 2004 the symphonic industrial project around Jouni Havukainen released its first proper studio album (Resurrection) since 1996. Now a limited split single with the obscure project Voice Of Hate has followed, as far as I know the first ISN release on vinyl.

Voice of Hate, based in Spain, contributes a dark and slow piece called ‘Reduced to ashes’ which makes me thing of a cross between Swans and Black Sabbath. It’s an oppressive track dominated by a monotonous, droney acoustic guitar sound and grave whispered vocals. Halfway some stranger psychedelic guitar sounds make their entrance, which enhance the occultish feeling. An interesting contribution, though towards the end I long for some more variation.

Then it’s time for In Slaughter Natives. And it quickly becomes clear that this is not a typical ISN track. Perhaps not surprising, because Tomas Petterson of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrium (sic) took care of the vocals and lyrics. The lyrics of Petterson have always been dominated by erotic themes, but lately (think of the Satyriasis album) they seem to become more explicit. ‘Consume my burning hollow’ directly starts with the sentences ‘Would you fuck me if I let you? / Would you find your way inside?”.

I must say, it’s a succeeded collaboration of these Swedish giants. The result sounds mostly like a typical ritual Ordo track with a heavy bombastic musical accompaniment. Though the track is rather monotonous, it has an overwhelming sound which grows in intensity. It makes me put the needle back in the first groove various times in a row.

artist: In Slaughter Natives
label: Temple of Darkness
details: vinyl 7", limited 666 copies