In the Nursery – Exhibit

This English formation around the twin brothers Klive and Nigel Humberstone was formed in 1981 and has produced an impressive and varied output so far. In the Nursery has always combined classical influences with the possibilities of modern electronic techniques. A good overview of the work of In the Nursery gives this compilation “Exhibit”, spanning their career from 1986 till 1998.

After the intro ‘Timbre’ comes the bombastic ‘Guarded Rites’, with heavy percussion, which would fit into a Gladiator type movie. Then the band shows its classical side, with the sensitive ‘Te Deum’. ”To the faithful’ sounds rather poppy, despite the military snare drum. Track 6 is one of their highlights: ‘Blue religion”, taken from the fine ‘Sense” album from 1991. Great drumming and classical sounds from a nice pair here. Highlight of this compilation or me is ‘Duality’, from the album of the same title. The song has a great structure, the tension is built gradually, and the female vocals (in French, as ITN does sometimes) of Dolores are magnificent here.

As the album continues the band shows its diversity, with orchestral parts, poppy songs and tracks with modern dance influences. With this album, compiled especially for the South American market, ITN proves to be an influential band.

artist: In the Nursery
label: ITN Corporation
details: 16 tracks, limited to 3000 copies