In the Nursery – Praxis

I lost count how many albums In the Nursery has released so far. The English band around Klive and Nigel Humberstone seems to be producing one of two album each year for the past two decades, various compilations and soundtracks included. As always “Praxis” is a solid album of the usual quality, without being very surprising or innovative. But it does contain some very good tracks, which can compete with their best work.

As always ITN has produced an album full of neo-classical hymns, sometimes bombastic and military, at times sensitive and atmospheric. Of course the sound and production are flawless. Subtle keyboard layers and drums form the framework of the music. Many songs are rather melodic, almost poppy. Vocals also play a more important role than usual, and surprisingly enough not only female voivces but also vocals by the Humberstone brothers themselves.

Especially the instrumental title track is very convincing and powerful, a symphonic hymn, in the line of their classic ‘Guared Rites’. It is followed by ‘Vocopolis’, a tranquil song with sensual vocals by Dolores Marguerite C, with a strong classical string interlude. The combination of these two songs is archectypical for the majestic sound of ITN. Other good songs are ‘Outburn, a melancholic ballad with vocals by guest singer Katz Kiely, and ‘Ethics of Belief’, an assertive piece with marching snare drums. In general though there are quite some tranquil, cinematic songs on the album, so it’s advised to listen to “Praxis” when you are in a dreamy mood.

Although this is certainly not a very renewing album, it does sound like one of the most convincing and fresh ITN albums. “Praxis” will not bring them many new fans, but people who already appreciated them will be pleased by this album full of orchestral beauty.

artist: In the Nursery
label: ITN corporation
details: 10 tracks. [corp 026]