Inade – Samadhi State

This cd contains unreleased material recorded in 2000-2002, but remixed recently. Originally this release was meant to accompany an Inade concert in Tokyo, but is now available outside of Japan as well. The album contains eight tracks, amongst which four parts of ‘Samadhi State’, ranging between 4 and 13 minutes. Inside the digipack is a text describing Samadhi, ‘a supra-conscious state of being that lies beyond waking, dreaming and deep sleep’.

On ‘Ghost sector’ the German duo offers us meditative ‘cosmic’ ambient, with tribal percussion, subtle synth drones and quite a few voice samples, which seem to play a more prominent role than on previous releases. ‘Samadhi state part two’ has a deep ritual sound, with chants, bells, metallic sounds creating a convincing spiritual effect. Just two tracks which I liked in particular.

‘Samadhi State’ is excellent produced and fill your room with dreamy, organic sounds. It’s a lovely album which is slightly more tranquil and ethereal than previous releases, but with the same depth as I’m used of from Inade.

artist: Inade
label: Loki Foundation
details: cd, 8 tracks, 2006 [loki 41]