Inade – The Crackling of the Anonymous

Inade first attracted my attention with their contribution on the “Saturn Gnosis” vinyl box. This German duo has a very good reputation, although they have not released that much music yet. In fact, “The Crackling of the Anonymous” is only their second regular cd release, after “Aldebaran”, which appeared 5 years earlier and which has the status of a dark ambient milestone. Last year also “Burning Flesh” appeared, a cd reissue of an older tape.

“The Crackling of the Anonymous” takes us of course to obscure territories, where darkest ambient fuses with industrial sounds. There is a somewhat ritual, occult feeling hidden somewhere underneath the music. Thematically Inade explores a lesser known universe. “If one has risen into the dephts of infinity, different phenomena become visible, noticeable and thus perceptible. The crackling of the anonymous is a symbol for the experiences, which results from the radiation fields of the inmeasurable…”

The sound on some tracks is very dense, though there is more space and air to breath than on most older work. If you listen intensively, there are many things to hear, with various elements skilfully merged. Recommended here are some good headphones! Deep basslines, dark drones, distant chants, vocal samples, eerie noises, scattered percussion, unrecognizable rumbles, all creating an intense atmosphere. At times rather tranquil, sometimes suddenly swelling to a massive sound. A few pieces sound surprisingly orchestral, like the opener ‘Eternity’s Crevice’, which has a martial feel. One of my favourite tracks would be ‘Chapel Perilions’, which contains strange spacy drones, noisy sounds, rhythmic percussion and occult sounding spoken words.
“The Crackling of the Anonymous” is the darkest and heaviest Inade work, but contains some fine intense music. Recommended, that is if you can appreciate a mixture of the darker Lustmord works, combined with some atmospheric Cold Meat and a few occult Turbund Sturmwerk elements. But I think that Inade doesn’t really need such external references any more…

artist: Inade
label: Loki Foundation
details: cd/2lp [loki 29]