Indian Jewelry – In Love With Loving

According to the inserts that come with this release the band has played under a lot of other names of which only a few ring a bell. This really doesn’t matter as the music on this 7” makes enough impression on its own.

The title track presents Indian Jewelry like a Sonic Youth on LSD and going into shoegazer territory. ‘Climbing Up The Walls’, the other track on the A-side, also has some shoegazer elements. Fuzzy effects and distant voices are used to get the listener into a dreamlike state.

All of this is good but still nothing compared with the track on the B-side. ‘Lost My Sight’ is a real freaky, noisy and dark piece of music. A repetitive rhythm and echoing vocals on top of which a lot of effects are thrown make up for a scary and haunting song.

This is pure minimalism with full effect on the listener. Indian Jewelry plays their music in an arty (post) punk style but rather dark and with a style of their own. For sure a band to keep an eye on.

artist: Indian Jewelry
label: On/On Switch
details: 7”, 3 tracks [OOS/008]