Infectious MG42 – Death front

Infectious MG42 is a French militant industrial act. I think this is their first self-released cd-r production, but a few others have already been announced for 2005. For some reason I have the feeling the creator is coming from a metal background. ‘Death Front’ contains some rather dirty industrial soundscapes with a threatening atmosphere, not surprising becasue WWII seems to be the theme of the disc. The ten noisy songs, which I assume are mostly created with computers, are adorned with samples of classical music, children’s songs, nazi speeches and films. Most songs are rather minimal, based on repetitive machinelike rhythms, with dark noises and cold sounds added. My favourite piece is probably the title track, with a heavy marching rhythm and quite frightening sonic elements in the background. There are also a few more experimental soundscapes, like ‘Across the barbed wires’. A bit raw in general, but a promising cd-r, which makes curious for forthcoming work of Infectious MG42.

artist: Infectious MG42
label: self-released