Inner Shrine – Samaya

Gothic metal is a big hit. Bands like Within Temptation and After Forever have become famous with it. Without discrediting these bands, Inner Shrine is much more gothic metal than they are.

This band fuses powerful metal pieces with dark and tranquil gothic atmospheres, opera voices and Latin lyrics. Their music is loud, frightening and dark but it also has its relaxing and beautiful moments.

The music on Samaya goes into all these aspects and thus portrays the diversity of the band. The musical skills of Inner Shrine are evident in tracks like ‘Path of Transmigration’ and ‘Soliloquium in Splendor’ that fuse many different moods and styles into a harmonious whole.

I am not a big fan of (gothic) metal but I can recommend this record to all fans of the genre.

artist: Inner Shrine
label: Dragonheart
details: 10 tracks [chaos 023]