Institut – Great day to get even

There was a time when Cold Meat was mostly known for its atmospheric dark ambient. The last years though harsh industrial seems to be an equally important part of the label. Institut is probably the best industrial band I heard so far on Cold Meat. This is their first album, but the project exists already for almost a decade. Therefore it is no surprise that the songs on this album were recorded between 1996 and 1998. Institut consist of Lirim Cajani and Johanna Rosenqvist and is of course based in Sweden. The album is called ‘Great day to get even’, which immediately makes me think of anger, revenge and powerful noise music!
The first tones of the album already blow you away. The opening track is a dense layer of noise, which sets the tone for the rest of the album. It is followed by my personal favourite: ’10th gear power’, which has an irrestible rhythm, which reminds me of Mlada Fronta, great dancefloor stuff. Then comes ‘Leaving behind’ which is less rhythmic, it contains very filthy vocals that makes me think of Haus Arafna, a project that more songs on this album remind me of.
Most music on the album is dominated by dense and harsh layers of noise, combined with angry distorted vocals. There are no real beats, but still some songs are suitable for industrial dancefloors. The songs are not very easy to digest with all their high and low frequencies and denseness, but are nevertheless better than those of most other bands I know in the industrial noise genre.

artist: Institut
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: 12 tracks, 52 minutes