Interpol – Antics

“Antics” is a steady and confident album, from which you can hear that Interpol has matured. Since “Turn on the bright lights” they gradually crystallized a style of their own, leaving a great deal of the often mentioned comparisons like Joy Division, The Chameleons and The Smiths behind. Through “Antics” it becomes more clear what Interpol itself stands for.

The bright sounding album presents a rich collection of diverse songs, from the strong and pushing “Slow hands” (which is the hardest track) to the mournful “A time to be so small”. If there were a connecting theme between the songs it would be romanticism, because the bulk of the lyrics deals with (disappointed) love and also musically the album breathes a very romantic and passionate atmosphere. The track “Narc” with it’s semi-70’s-discobass even reminds me a bit of the Loveboat.

“Evil” and “C’mere” serve as catchy poptunes for the change in respect of fine-spun musings “Take you on a cruise” and “Public pervert”, two achingly beautiful tracks. The latter starts with a weird minimal, almost tango-like tune that eventually ends up in a dramatic guitar orgy. Another highlight is the exciting “Not even jail”, in which a big brewing atmosphere is built by sparkling guitars and enchanting keyboards on top of ongoing snare hits. When at the second chorus the vocals go up, you think the song can’t possibly last any longer, but then you are surprised again by an even more majestic instrumental epilogue, slowly fading away into eternity.

The only outsider in my opinion is the opener “Next exit”, which could deter a listener at the first hearing, especially when he is expecting another dark and moody Interpol album. I have been told that this one actually was the first track Interpol ever wrote and that it was originally intented as an overture for concerts. Well, don’t let this apparently happy on-the-road evergreen put you out, but try to persist; it shouldn’t be hard considering all the magnificent music to follow. I can only say that Interpol again delivered a true beauty.

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artist: Interpol
label: Matador Records
details: 10 tracks. released 28-09-2004 [ole-616 LP/CD]