Interpol – The Black EP

At first it was a bit of a disappointment that this is not a cd with new songs from Interpol. This EP is more of and extended single, and ‘Say Hello to the Angles’ isn’t even one of best songs from the album Turn on the Bright Lights.

Next to that song there are a demo version of ‘NYC’ and four live tracks, originally recorded and broadcasted by a French radio station, on this disc. This session was called the Black Session, so that explains the title of this cd.

After listening to these versions of ’Obstacle I’, ‘PDA’ and the previously unreleased ‘Specialist’ I really don’t care anymore that this is not a genuine new release by the group. These live versions are such good that this EP is probably much nicer to have than a new studio album. The mood is darker and more intense. While playing ‘Leif Erikson’ the band sounds much more like Joy Division than they really ever did. The music and the voice are more fragile and the atmosphere is more haunted.

When Interpol is going to make a new album they should record it live because this way they are even better than they already were..

artist: Interpol
label: Labels
details: 6 tracks