Intricated – A:void

Intricated comes from Denmark and releases on their own label Silent|Being. This three-piece band was formed in 1997. They already made an album before, but “A:void” is their first offically released album. You can hear that the band has been active for some years now, Intricated leaves a mature and professional impression. This feeling already begins with the artwork of the cd, which looks very nice. Their music can be described as synthpop, but not in a straightforward danceable variant. The stress lies more on atmosphere and emotion.

In the first song ‘The summer years ago’ you can not only hear ambient influences, but also echoes of wave bands like The Cure, partly through the guitar sounds. Most songs are midtempo and have catchy melodies and original structures. The sound is polished, aiming to please, but not superficial. The vocals of Lynge are very nice to listen to, they remind me of Depeche Mode, an obvious reference. My favourite song is perhaps the epic 7 minute ‘Emotiophobic’, a song about fear of life, love and reality. Or the vulnerable last song ‘Galled’: “the tiniest breath on my body / causes shivering pain”.

Intricated has created an album full of well-crafted melancholic electronic pop music. Perhaps a few sharp, rawer edges here and there would have made the album even more interesting. But “A:void: certainly has a lot of quality and beauty. After Marina Sirtis the second pleasant Scandinavian synthpop surprise this year.

artist: Intricated
label: Silent Being
details: 9 tracks [sibe cd 002]