Inure – Subversive

Inure has a new member. Next to Adam Moore and Robert Vogel, Sam P. of Imperative Reaction fame joined the act. This is their second cd, their first as a trio. What does this do to their music? Well, it is somewhat straighter in the face now; don’t know if that is the influence of Sam though. Might just as well be the production of Ted Phelps (also of Imperative Reaction), who without any doubt worked together with Adam Moore, who has had formal training in audio production.

Then back to the music. Old school American EBM, brougth into the next millenium. It has a new sound to it, also a sound that defines Inure and no other projects. Extensive vocoder-use, less delay then many others have. Danceable for most of the album, but it also has its tracks that just creep under your skin, create a coldness from inside.

Both kind of tracks are done exceptionally well, making this a disc that is worth picking up for any Skinny Puppy or Numb fan, but also for others who like the old EBM sound. But be warned, just when you think you’ve heard it all, they take you by surprise. Last track on this disc is a cover track. A track you wouldn’t easily think of for an EBM-band to cover, it’s Alice In Chains’ “Would?”. They have taken out the guitar and replaced it by quite minimal electro, sticked to the vocal lines. Is it worth it? Well it is certainly not bad, but when I would be forced to choose between this version and the original, I would pick the original.

artist: Inure
label: Alfa Matrix
details: cd, 11 tracks, 2006 (also available as 2CD)