Invercauld – Tiamhaidh

Cathedrals, forests and ruins are depicted in the digipack. Typical images to accompany dark ambient music. And that is what the Cyclic Law label is specialized in. With Invercauld they present a new act for me.

This cd offers whay you expect from dark ambient. Deep drones, rumbling machinery. The weather is constantly bad and foggy, you hear the sound of rain and dripping water. Invercauld, a project of D. Finley, is inspired by the landscapes and history of his Gaelic ancestors. The rather minimal soundscapes have a meditative, ritual feel.

Dark background music, which lacks distinct characteristiscs to really stand out in the stream of dark ambient releases, but solid nevertheless. Let the autumn begin.

artist: Invercauld
label: Cyclic Law
details: 7 tracks, lim. 500 copies [6th cycle]