Irfan – Irfan

To begin with the conclusion: this is just another wonderful release from the French Prikosnovénie label. This label is focusing on what they call Fairy World music. Some of the previous releases were by musicians like GOR, Collection d’Arnell Andrea and Anima in Fiamma.

Irfan is a Bulgarian band that dedicates itself to the various musical traditions of their country. This becomes evident when listening to their music. They fuse Balkan folk with North ­ African instruments and early European elements.
The music is dreamlike and ethereal. Only a few songs are a bit up-tempo. Despite this Irfan cannot be called a new age group. Their music is too dark to have a nice relaxing meditation with.

It has to be said that the musicians have listened very well to Dead Dan Dance. But the oriental elements give their music a touch of their own. Also the quality of the songs is so good that it is no problem they sound a bit like Dead Can Dance.
This debut album by Irfan is one of the best ethereal / modern traditional records in a long time.

artist: Irfan
label: Prikosnovénie
details: 9 tracks [prik076]