Iridio – Waves of life

At first I has some doubts about this cd. The cover looked cheap and kitsch and the info sheet promised nothing more than a guy with a synth that tries to make modern traditional cross-over music. But after some playing rounds I had to adjust my preconceived opinion. Waves of Life is a very enjoyable album to listen to.

Iridio is in a way a more poppy version of Dead Can Dance and Bel Canto. As these bands Iridio fuses many influences in their music. You will hear elements from Celtic, folk, medieval and world music in their sound. These elements are mixed with (electronic) wave/gothic music.

The overall sound is ethereal and tranquil. Thus Waves of Life is a relaxing listening experience. There are some poppy songs as ‘Night Prayer’ and ‘Moondust’ and some fairy tale like tracks like ‘Arabesque’ and ‘The Free Ride of the Spirit’. Absolute highlight is ‘New World Child’, which comes close to an Arabesque belly dance tune.

Don’t expect true traditional music or innovating cross-overs. This is just a nice enjoyable record, nothing more and nothing less.

artist: Iridio
label: Standing Stones
details: 10 tracks [runic cd 01]