Iris – Awakening

Awakening is the second record by this electropop band. The typical melancholy atmosphere, that is inspired by the eighties new wave sound, is characteristic for Iris. This record has, as is instantly evident in the opening track ‘Whatever’, also this sound. The combination of a modern electronic sound, with a-typical beats for the genre and a melancholy atmosphere is reminiscent of Depeche Mode in their later period (especially Ultra).

The problem that some modern synth/electropop acts have is also evident with Iris. Some of these bands don’t seem to know the difference between a melancholy and sad romantic sound and slick tunes. Iris shows this with their song ‘When I’m not around’. But sometimes slick can be nice, especially when it is proper served, and luckily on this record it is. It doesn’t get worse than this. Further Awakening proves to be more in the style mentioned above, music with original rhythms, nice melodies en melancholy vocal parts. The best songs are, the formerly as single released, ‘Unknown’, and ‘Wait move on’. This last song is most Wolfsheim like of the tracks on this album. Iris may even be able to compete with Wolfsheim. Soon Wolfsheim will release their long awaited album, and then the comparison can be made.

Iris is a bit less dark than Wolfsheim and a little less innovative than Depeche Mode (with Songs of Faith and Devotion and Ultra) but has gained themselves a place among these and other synth/electropop acts with Awakening.

artist: Iris
label: Diffusion Records