Iris – Unknown

‘Unknown’ is the first single from the soon to be released second album by electro pop act Iris. With their first album “Disconnect” and four previous singles Iris has already gained a lot of recognition in the alternative scene for their melancholy 80’s inspired electro pop. Their music sounds very up to date when it comes to the overall sound and the production, but it always has a sort of 80’s new romantics feeling. This new single is very good dance tune with firm roots in the 80’s synth/electro pop. The best definition of this song is that it is a contemporary and modern version of the old Depeche Mode and Camouflage sound.

‘Unknown’ has a nice melody, good additional sounds and a very catchy and melancholy vocal part, which the listener will recognize, even after listening only once to the track. This combination makes that this song has definitely hit potential. Besides the title track the single contains four remixes. Two of these remix version are one by Andrew Sega from The Alpha Conspiracy, also a Diffusion Records band. His ‘Spatial Dub’ remixed version of ‘Unknown’ is a wonderful remix. This version features a bit more complex rhythms and some altered sounds that gives the song a more IDM feel, although it is still very danceable and doesn’t loose its poppy feeling.
‘Unknown’ will make the listener get anxious for the forthcoming album. Iris has announced that it ill be released before the end of this year. The wait will most likely be worth it.

artist: Iris
label: Diffusion Records
details: 5 tracks