IRM – Virgin Mind

IRM is one of these almost founding acts of the Cold Meat Industry label. Being there from the start, it is not often that Martin Bladh en Erik Jarl come together to produce new work. In fact it has been five years since “Oedipus Dethroned”, their last album.

The music on this cd is more intimate and darker then on their former releases, less noisy. Especially those who know IRM from their 10″ “Four studies of crucifixion” will be surprised by this release. Much of the noise is lost, but much has come in return as well. And of course the typical vocals still are there, though in lower quantities.

One thing is sure though, Virgin Mind is worth listening to, every minute that is on the two cd’s. The sound hits you in the face, sometimes like a feather-filled cushion, sometimes like a bull-dozer. But whichever it is, it always leaves the listener stunned, sitting in a chair, unable to come out of it, or at least not thinking of it, the moments when it would be possible to stand up.

Lyrically IRM has not changed too much. Life is still a burden for the human race and won’t change anytime soon. The only thing that is new with this message is the public it will reach. This might be quite a bit broader than the old fan-base. Not only the noise-addict will be able to enjoy “Virgin Mind”, it might attract to many people who like dark soundscapes, be it ambient, power-electronics, death-industrial or whatsoever.

A great new release from an already cult-act. Yes, this was worth waiting for.

artist: IRM
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: 2CD, 2005