Irmologion – S/T

This release on the Russian label RAIG comes in a mysterious, obscure looking handmade cardboard digipack. The music of Irmologion is also quite fascinating. These dark soundscapes would form a very good horror soundtrack.

The nine tracks on this album, simply called ‘Irmos 1’ till ‘Irmos 9’, sound very sinister and dark. At times I have to think of the occult dark ambient of a label like Loki, other pieces are bit more experimental and could have been released by Staalplaat.

The name Irmologion has been taken from the orthodox religious tradition from Hellenic: irmos – a motet, and logeyo – to collect. The nine tracks on this album apparently form a classical structure, the so-called “8-glas system” when the irmoses within each “glas” follow the exact order of 9 songs of the Canon.

I find this untitled album really interesting. Experimental electronic music, with deep drones, interesting textures, metallic percussion, sombre chants and a compelling, apocalyptic atmosphere. Very nice dark ambient with ritual, religious undertones.

artist: Irmologion
label: R.A.I.G.
details: 9 tracks, 73 min. [R003]