Iron Monkey – Iron monkey / Our problem

It does not happen often that I review releases that are already out for a number of years, and of which the band has already split up. In this case however, I felt it was really necessary to write something about Iron Monkey because they are certainly one of the heaviest bands I ever encountered.

Iron Monkey has been around for only a few years before they split up, and released only two full-length albums (the same titled one from 1997 and one called ?our problem? from 1998). On these albums you can find the most heavy, dirty and slow sludge-doom metal that you have probably ever encountered. Comparisons that come into my mind are bands like Grief, Eye Hate God, Electric Wizard and Sleep, but somehow these do not seem to cover the load. Maybe combining the best of all these bands would do the trick.

Iron Monkey created incredibly heavy riffs inspired by Black Sabbath, but with a dirty, distorted sound beyond comparison, these are accompanied by some intense drumming and screaming and growling vocals that makes you wonder why this band has not gained a lot more attention.

The first and same-titled album is pretty much straightforward. Six long and monotonous sludge tracks pound on and on and keep your mind into a continuous groove. The second album is a bit more complex. It starts out with the heaviest riffs ever produced, but towards the end contains some funny tracks with drunk or stoned band members talking bullshit (which is actually kind of a relief after all that sonic violence).

If you are into intensely distorted, manic and extreme rockmusic, you will probably agree with me that this is glorious stuff that makes you wish your amplifier had the option of going to eleven!

artist: Iron Monkey
label: Earache
details: 1997/1998