Islaja – Palaa Aurinkoon

Fonal Records has surprised me before with beautiful releases, both musically and when it comes to artwork and packaging. A lot of attention is payed to the cardboard cd sleeves with graphic designs that fit very well to the music. So also this cd is worth having for the nice packaging alone. But also the music is not to be missed.

Islaja plays dreamy and tranquil music. Sometimes it sounds childish due to the use of rattle and tinkle sounds, but always pure not produced. The music is very fragile with the mysterious voice of Islaja and the unexpected sounds peeping up every now and then.

Most songs only have a vague sort of structure somewhere in the background. This makes Palaa Aurinkoon an adventurous listening experience. Also in a strange way there is always a hint of folk music in the background. But free-folk like Kiila (also on Fonal Records) plays it.

If you like Sigur Rós and want some more adventure in your living room this album by Islaja is highly recommended.

artist: Islaja
label: Fonal Records
details: 11 tracks [FR-36]