Iszoloscope – The Audient Void

Like some other industrial acts Iszoloscope has two faces: a dark ambient one and a rhythmic industrial one. This new album combines the two sides of the project. The result is mainly long evolving tracks with some dark ambient moods but that are still for a large part rhythmic industrial. Also these tracks often go into industrial techno territory.

Most tracks thus evolve into distorted dance tracks like ‘The Sum Of Us All’ and ‘From Hollow’. The hammering rhythms in these tracks remind at times of Test Dept., like in some older Iszoloscope releases.

The best tracks are the more true ambient pieces ‘The Audient Void’ and ‘ The Path Of Totality (part 2)’ with their almost sjamanistic feeling. But people who are more dancefloor minded will find more tracks to their liking on this disc.

artist: Iszoloscope
label: Ant-Zen
details: 9 tracks [ACT189]