IT & My Computer – Musiques Pop!

Musiques Pop! is a six track LP by the mechanical pop duo IT & MY COMPUTER. This record is released by the Citizens Paralleles record label. Which is a side-label from the French Invasion Planete label that is specialized in minimal/electro/wave/synth/body music. Rollinka, another Invasion Planete artist, is featured on three tracks of this release. IT & MY COMPUTER produce electro-wave music with a kitschy and a bit of a glamorous edge to it. Imagine something like Kraftwerk meets Viva La Fête and you will get an idea about how their music sounds.

Bouncing rhythms go along with warm and catchy melodies and simplistic lyrics (one-liners). The result is a collection of pretty minimal songs. Nonetheless these songs are very catchy and danceable such as the songs ‘Le Petit Oiseau’, ‘Amour Classés’ and ‘Mainstream de l’Amour’. The title track is somewhat slower and has a bit of a dream pop flavor to it. This is just a excellent release. Nothing more to say then that this is wonderful example of Pop Musique indeed!

artist: IT & My Computer
label: Citizens Paralleles
details: six tracks