Janitor – Richie

The people behind Janitor are B. Nilsen, who is also involved in Hazard (and in the past with Morthound) and Lina Babydoll of Deutsch Nepal fame. This record is released by Entartete Musikk, a releasing division of Der Deutsch Nepalische Generalstab, that also brought us the fine singles from Thurnemans. So I was not surprised to find more industrial music on this record. “Richie” contains 4 varied tracks, recorded between 1996 and 1999.

On the cover is stated that the record is a homage to ‘Poison”, a movie by Todd Haynes. I don’t know the movie, but I assume that some samples on this record are taken from this film. This release by Janitor is very diverse, from harsh industrial noise to more slow tribal pieces in Deutsch Nepal style. There is one real highlight, the only song with vocals, a very good ritual track called ‘All that is my own’. This song sounded familiar, which could be right, because later I found out that the original is by Nico.

artist: Janitor
label: Entartete Musik
details: mlp, 4 tracks, limited to 800 copies