Jarl – Fragile Confrontation

It doesn’t take a connoisseur of dark ambient to know a good album when one hears one. The best ambient projects capture something that is immediately entrancing. Having listened to my fair share of ambient over the years, I can say with some certainty that ‘Fragile Confrontation’ is well done; and that’s saying the very least.

Maybe it should come as no surprise that ‘Fragile Confrontation’ is of such quality, given that Jarl has already demonstrated some talent as a member of IRM. The album is mastered by Peter Anderson (aka Raison D’etre), which certainly doesn’t hurt matters any either.

This is a superb album of dense motifs and dark ambient textures. The six tracks maintain a cohesion in tone, this while expanding deeper and deeper out into the nothingness. With music of this nature words scarcely do justice, and experience is often the best guide.

artist: Jarl
label: Annihilvs
details: 6 tracks, 69 min. 2005 [APEX01]