Jarl – Out of balance

After some releases with his project IRM (on Cold Meat Industry), Erik Jarl presents some of his solo recordings on the Malignant label.

Instead of the raging and bleak power electronics assault with the distorted vocals that IRM is now well known for, this work is a lot more subtle in its approach and lacks the vocals. Layers of noise and synthesized drones sweep past and suck you into an abyss in the same way that only Yen Pox, Inade or older Lustmord albums were able to do. An occasional rhythm reminds me of huge machines coming to a slow halt, grinding their metal parts, and steam hissing out like with an old steam engine. The noise layers and filtering create a spacey effect, which makes this release into a nice soundtrack for an apocalyptic science fiction movie (think ?alien? or ?the cube?).

The sounds are massive and this release will appeal to all those who are into the high quality dark ambient of the artists mentioned above, as well as those who like Jarl?s IRM project. The production is excellent, and it comes in a nice digipack sleeve.

artist: Jarl
label: Malignant
details: [fonp 001]