Jarl – Sealed Void

IRM member Erik Jarl has been quite productive lately. One of the new CD’s is entitled Sealed Void and was released on the American labels Force of Nature and Annihilvs (the label of Navicon Torture Technologies), two labels that focus on releasing power electronics and dark ambient music.

On Sealed Void, Jarl uses his skills with electronica to create and abstract and overly dark and eerie soundscape. While his release on Malignant (see the review on this website) tends to be quite ‘grinding’ and machinelike, this release is a lot more ‘isolationist’ (think lull, kk null, james plotkin or moljebka pvlse).

The raging sounds go deep until the work becomes a very dense sound-environment. Like its title Sealed Void suggests, this CD is like a trip into some sort of void, a dead place in which there is no place for life, no movement, no light, and certainly no escape. A claustrophobic and dark atmosphere, very erhm, nice!

artist: Jarl
label: Force of Nature
details: 12 tracks