Jasmin – 02

The second EP of Jasmin has many similarities with the first one. It has the same minimal cover, only in another colour, and has just a number as title, simply ’02’. Again a videoclip has been included. And again the sound can be described as instrumental post-rock.

The four songs of this German trio display a dynamic sound with some jazzy influences. Minimal ambient-like passages, like the first half of ‘Lernen von Maedchen’, are alternated by fierce guitar eruptions in the vein of Sonic Youth or Mono, though things always stay civilized. The second and third songs have the most conventional rock approach, of which like ‘Rote Sonne’ best. The last and longest track ‘Köln’ is the most tranquil piece, building up nice atmospheric textures. For this track an interesting quicktime video has been added with moving images taken from a train.

Again Jasmin has delivered a decent disc. And just like the previous EP, ’02’ can also be freely downloaded (archive.org).

artist: Jasmin
label: 12rec.
details: cd/mp3, 4 tracks, 2005 [12rec.027]