Jean, Monique – L’adieu au s.o.s.

I’ve never heard of Monique Jean before, but she surely made an impression with her first CD on the Empreintes Digitales label.

Jean lives in Montreal and is a student of Francis Dhomont (reviewed elsewhere on this site). She works with dance, video and media installations. This is perhaps why her work is a bit soundtrack-like (in a slightly abstract way). Because of this it also sounds far more industrial than other electro-acoustic releases.

The CD consist of 6 highly abstact tracks that are quite noisy. Blasts of concrete noises turn into drones which seems like the howling of the wind in a sandstorm. Spoken word sometimes surface to be blown away in the next moment. Suddenly we are in an old Metro with a bunch of children and some drunk old people, to wake up again in a city being bombarded. This creates a ghostly atmosphere that should certainly appeal to those who like the darker sides of ambient, or perhaps horror-movie soundtracks.

The work of Monique Jean can best be compared with a droney version of Brume, and with the works of Thomas Dimuzio or Alan Lamb.

artist: Jean, Monique
label: Empreintes Digitales
details: 6 tracks, 57 min. IMED 0366 (2003)