Jon Mueller/Bhob Rainey/Jim Schoenecker – S/T

Sometimes you recieve a promo that says nothing to you, and then you hope the promo letter will give you some clues on the release you have in your cd player. With this CD that was certainly not the case. Except for naming the projects the contributors have played in, and names they have played with, the letter itself is as strange as the release.

You might argue that this is good, nothing is spoiled and you listen with an open mind. True maybe, but sometimes a little help is much needed.
The release contains four tracks: two short ones of about 2 minutes, and two long ones of 25 and 19 minutes long.
The long tracks excel in being very minimal. You might hear a noise that is kept going for minutes, sometimes interupted by the usual scraping, cling clang noises. It sounds all like one big improvisation. The quiet, very minimal parts appeal to me. The sounds used are interesting, although sometimes hardly audible. I loose my nerve though in the parts where the scraping, clinging and clanging comes in. It makes me skip to the next part of the track in order to find more beautiful minimal sounds.

This cd delivers nothing new. It’s not bad, but all of this has been done before. If you like minimal improvisations do give this a try.

artist: Jon Mueller/Bhob Rainey/Jim Schoenecker
label: Crouton
details: [crou023]