Joseph Suchy – Calabi.yau

German guitar experimentalist Joseph Suchy build up a name by working together with people such as Ekkehard Ehlers, and as part of the Nu Dub Players. This is his fourth full-length solo outing, released on Staubgold.
I now first must admit something. I find Staubgold a very difficult label to judge. They have released some amazing recordings, but at the same time they released things that I just don’t get. Maybe I’m missing something in relation to Staubgold, I don’t know, but when getting a Staubgold release in my hands it makes me happy and scared at the same time.

The release consists 9 tracks made up out of slow sample based compositions that most of the time could be described as slowly errupting sounds. The music sounds almost alienating, distant, but there is almost always something to keep you interested for a bit longer. One thing it seems to lack is a theme though. Although the cd slowly progresses it never really seems to go anywhere really.
If you flip the cd over you wil lfind a short story by Erik Franzen. The story isn’t quite coherent it seems, and it has the same problem as the music, the sentences on it’s own make sense, but when you read through the story itself they loose meaning and just seem to disappear into thin air.

I would suggest to put on this cd when you’re just doing some aimless little tasks at home. Just let it play, and let yourself be surprised by some of the nice pieces of music this release gives you every now and then.

artist: Joseph Suchy
label: Staubgold
details: cd/lp [staubgold 43]