Judah – Cool crap

Italian acts often have that extra coolness factor, perhaps it’s their sense of style or their feeling for seduction. Judah also belongs to that category. This completely new act convinces me with this short album, which borrows heavily from the electronic past but sounds entertaining nevertheless.

The first tracks are in a minimal electro style with cold analogue synths, staccato beats and cool half-spoken vocals, reminding me of Suicide (one song is even called ‘Ode to suicide’) and early Dive (‘Fall’). But there is more: an atmospheric piece like ‘Naked Candy’ with shimmering sounds and grave vocals sounds a bit like a cross between Coil and Michael Gira. And ‘The King in Las Vegas’ has a sleazy crooning style which could appeal to fans of Bain Wolfkind.

This cd by Judah ain’t crap, but it’s certainly cool.

artist: Judah
label: Small Voices
details: cd, 8 tracks, 37 min. [SVR04008]