Kaffe Matthews – CD Eb+Flo

Kaffe Matthews is a girl/woman from London who is (and has been) very active in the experimental music scene. She has collaborated with various artists, such as; Fennesz, Andy Moor (the Ex), Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, etc.

All sounds on this CD were made by a small theremin and its feedback in a room. These sounds were later processed. The music on this double-CD is therefore very minimal, only consisting of (almost) pure tones going up or down or electronic crackling (although this is very noisy sometimes).

While this has undoubtedly been done in an excellent way, and is certainly very interesting from an intellectual?s perspective, I must say that it is not the kind of work I need to hear over and over again. It is just not really impressive, emotional or exciting.

For extreme minimalists only.

artist: Kaffe Matthews
label: Annette Works
details: 2cd