Kah, Christopher – A Wonderful Darkworld

An album that’s very frequently in my cd-player at the moment, this first full-length album of French artist Christopher Kah. He has also released an EP called “Planete Rouge on Terence Fixmer’s label Planete Rouge, while recently an EP with Dave Clarke came out, both remixing tracks by Fixmer / McCarthy. “A wonderful darkworld” contains a varied and powerful electronic mixture. There are dark soundscapes, explosive technoid tracks, effective electro(clash) pieces, moody minimal electronic songs.

My favourite piece is the very tasty ‘Synapse’, with cool female vocals by Miss K, which makes one think of Miss Kittin, though the music of this track is slow and melancholic, perhaps in the vein of some Echo West material. Some of the pieces are straightforward dance tracks with a pumping beat, though always with a dark metropolitan industrial undercurrent, like the title track, which reminds me a bit of DJ Hell. A track like ‘Camille ist tot’ has a more electro-like sound, with dirty basses and robotic voices, somewhat in the vein of Legowelt. An album which does not easily bore me, despite its length of 74 minutes. Excellent dancefloor material.

artist: Kah, Christopher
label: Axess Code
details: 13 tracks, 74 min, 2005 [AXC03]