Kaif – S/T

Kaif is a project from Chicago, with as main member guitar player Josef Levitis, who is active in a wide array of musical styles. He is also co-founder of the Schizoclub Gallery, a creative space for art, music, theatre and other artistic performances. The music of Kaif is mostly influenced by flamenco, with various Middel Eastern, gypsy and improvised jazz elements added. It has a warm, sensual atmosphere and rather experimental song structures. Especially the (classical/Spanish) guitar work is outstanding, which is further supported by subtle percussion and keyboard (by Lena Potopova, also active as Schizowave). Only one song (Gypsy dream) has vocals, which directly makes it more lively and dynamic. A pleasant cd to listen to, though it falls outside of the usual scope of the Funprox webzine.

artist: Kaif
label: self-released