Kammarheit – Asleep and well hidden

Cyclic Law, the fast upcoming label from Montreal, delivers another dark ambient gem. Cold Meat is really getting competition. Kammarheit, a project of Pär Boström from Sweden, was already present on the Nord Ambient Alliance compilation. This official debut album was mastered by Peter Pettersson (Arcana, Sophia).

“Asleep and well hidden” is filled with desolate ambient soundscapes, full of melancholy and solitude. The mood is comparable to Raison d’Etre or Lustmord, with a more minimal sound, consisting of deep drones and stretched out dark tones, taking you to a shadow world of ancient ruins, barren lands and rumbling machines. The album is very coherent, if offers serene brooding music for about 40 minutes, fine melancholic background music. It is minimal and monotonous, but not boring. Nothing very innovative here, but very pleasant to listen to if you appreciate melancholic dark ambient.

artist: Kammarheit
label: Cyclic Law
details: (3rd cycle)