Kania Tieffer – Tracks against pornography

Tracks against pornography could better be called Tracks against styles and genres. Kania Tieffer produces music that is not easy to categorize. She has a true style of her own with her pleasantly disturbed lo-fi electronic pop music.

Her songs are built around cheap synth rhythms and sounds, electric guitar parts and vocals. This results in weird pop tracks that are at times hard to follow. Maybe some songs are too strange for the average music listener but for the more trained people this cd-r is a very good piece of pop music.

Brilliant are tracks like ’Ma reum’ and ‘Parc a themes’, which could also do well on the dancefloor (well… not the average dancefloor of course). For people who are not waiting for the next standard popstar Kania Tieffer could be a welcome surprise.

artist: Kania Tieffer
details: cd-r, 21 tracks


  1. kania rocks every dancefloor! GET FLUNK to da Y!!!